10 Organizational Tips for the Office Manager

10 Organizational Tips for the Office ManagerWhen it comes to being an office manager, you will want to familiarize yourself with all the different ways you can help organize the clutter and begin to control the chaos. From establishing routines to allocating responsibility, you must be sure to remain focused and organized as you go through the day.

  • Schedule all your work in advance

When you can schedule all your work ahead of time, you are essentially cleaning up your day and helping to remove any stress or the need to rush.

  • Prioritize the more crucial and time-sensitive tasks

Effective time management is crucial to any office management job, especially when so many people depend on you to make sure everything gets done. After scheduling work, be sure to prioritize the more important tasks to ensure you have an ample amount of time to complete these tasks successfully.

  • Keep notes and to do lists

Whether it is a traditional paper and pen method or you use an app or management software to track your progress and keep your notes, making and managing these to do lists are important and can help keep everything organized and on task for the week.

  • Eliminate any and all distractions

Reorganizing your desk and cleaning up your workspace is a great way to get organized and ready to conquer your long to do list. Having all your supplies and everything you will need close by will help alleviate any time that may be spent otherwise searching for these items.

  • Organize digitally

With the digital age upon us, it is definitely easier now to keep track of everything digitally. Electronic organization frees up space at your desk and helps keep everything organized and in the proper folders. Emails, for example, can be answered immediately and filed away accordingly a lot faster than if you had to go through stacks of paperwork. Cloud-based storage is easier and more efficient than a filing cabinet.

  • Rearrange the Office

Take a closer look at the office setup and find a way to make the area more manageable and organized. Are files put away properly? Are trash cans strategically placed to help eliminate unnecessary paper stacks?

  • Purge the Workspace

Go through your workspace and get rid of any items you are not utilizing. For items you use regularly, make sure they are close to you. Items you use every once in awhile can be a bit further away, and items you never use should be eliminated altogether.

  • Keep detailed records

Keep detailed records of your work and tasks, so they are easy to get to when you need to refer back to them later if any questions arise. This will help the office run a lot more smoothly as well.

  • Schedule

Taking the time out to schedule and delegate tasks for the week will also do wonders in keeping you organized and ready to tackle the week ahead.

  • Set Reminders

Finally, never be afraid to set reminders on your phone or other devices to ensure that everything gets done and your organizational skills will lead to improved productivity in the future.